Parent with purpose.

Anticipating what you need, when you need it, to run your most important team.
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Milo has your back so you can have everyone else's.

Raising a family is an incredibly wonderful thing overall, and yet a terribly hard thing in the day-to-day.

And instead of getting more help to do this most critical job, parents today are working with less support than ever.

Until now.

Milo was created with busy, never-stop-moving parents in mind.

Milo makes it magic by:
1. Prioritizing what's most important
2. Being the "second brain" to store all of the thoughts and to-dos
3. Planning the week ahead - from logistics to meals to reminders.

And when Milo's done all that, we anticipate around the corner for you - so you have ready-to-go answers from: what's a fun thing to do this weekend, to mastering everyday learning, to a new kids' book to check out.

Let's make running our families feel less like work and more like teamwork.


✨ Meet Milo's Magic

Helpful heads ups.

Never miss the things that are the enemy of all parents - from "wear pink day" and soccer registration to paying the sitter and renewing your insurance.

Milo gives you a heads up and better yet, helps you get that thing done.

Plan the week like a pro.

Start each week in control - from who's doing what, to meals, to important to-dos. Milo leads you through weekly planning in 10 minutes so you're set to tackle the week confident and in control.

Answers when you need them.

Parent confidently with the wisdom of parents that have come before you. Whether it's how to introduce chores or teach the kids about money or raise 'em with healthy eating habits, we take the best practices and recommendations and give them to you, straight and simple.
β€œI can’t help but feel guilt when my mom friends who work less hours seem way more out in front of activities and holidays – but Milo makes me feel like I’m just organized and efficient!”
- Samantha M
β€œI love that Milo is reducing my mental load and all the baggage that comes with it to give me more peace of mind, free time and distribute the work more effectively.” - KT

✨ We make things worth paying for.

For $15/mo, your entire household will have access to the Milo calendar and assistant.

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