Your family's whiteboard.
Only better.

1. 🤓 Gets smarter every day. You write. Milo learns.
2. 💬 Add from everywhere. Edit+ access from anywhere.
3. 🔮 Connected to parent hive mind. The wisdom of other parents, there for your borrowing.

What whiteboard does all that?

This one.
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Running and raising a family is a ⚽️ team sport. Or at least it should be. But it's hard to collaborate even between parents when you don't have tools built specifically for the realities of today's families.

We're changing that. Built by working parents, we're creating the tools for easy 👪 family collaboration, 🏘 connected communities that share the load, and help that ✨ anticipates what you need.

💃🏽 Take a spin.

📬Your family's Integrated Inbox takes school emails or quick SMS notes or Alexa inputs and has them waiting for you, ready to add to the week.

📆 Connect your Info Sources like Family GCal or school events or fav meals and have it all feed into one place for you to view and manage.

✍🏽The Miloboard is as simple as writing on a whiteboard.

Suggestions from Milo and friends show up, ready to use - whether it's meals or weekend adventures. Milo remembers school events and important heads ups so you don't miss a thing.

🤓 Important info the whole family needs is easy to access whenever you need it. No digging necessary.

😎 Let's do this.

1. 🕺 Grab your family's URL.
2. ⚡️ Connect to your calendar, school, kids activities and local events.
3.  🦹🏽 Start using your new whiteboard with superpowers.
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