Don't send it to mom.
Send it to Milo

Imagine having a co-pilot who can field all the chaos and stay on top of everything, so you don't have to.

🥳 Now you do.

What if you could just send it to someone who could deal with it all?

Parenting today means managing a mountain of details and never ending to-dos. It comes in from everywhere and clutters up our minds, our inboxes and our messages, making it impossible to find, stay on top of and collaborate to get done.

But instead of another app or even another person to manage, what parents need is something that you can just throw everything at and it just gets dealt with.

So that's what we built.

We pair an expert in running a family (aka another parent) with the latest in software and AI to create the right amount of reliable magic for you.

How it works

Step 1: Sign up and connect your calendars.

Create your account, tell Milo about you family and link up your calendars and SMS. Tell us your kids' schools and we'll connect to their events and reminders. You can also invite your partner, nanny or anyone else who needs to stay in the loop.

Kinsey bday Sat 3-5pm

Added event plus a reminder to buy a bday present!

📧 Fwd: Weekly school newsletter

Added a cal invite for the Holiday Party and a reminder for Festive Day.

Send message...

Step 2: Send things to Milo via SMS and email

Whenever you receive or remember something family-related, just send it to Milo. Milo can handle photos, links, attachments, voice notes and just plain ol' text. Milo sorts through it all and adds the reminders, to-dos and calendar events you need.

Step 3: Receive calendar invites and reminders

Milo creates calendar invites and reminders for everyone in the family and sends them to the calendars and SMS you already use. Milo keeps you organized and one step ahead, so you don't have to worry about missing or forgetting anything.

Don't take it from us.

Hear about the magic in action from other parents.

"Milo has been an absolute game changer for my family - being able to screenshot and fire off texts gets things out of my brain and organized has made life so much smoother. It's also a big win for sharing the mental load - my husband is actively involved in sharing the lift. Milo feels like having an extra, more organized "on top of things" parent in our family. Can't live without it!"

Laurel H
Mama from Lafayette, LA

"Milo has been a huge relief on the mental load. As a working mom to three active kids, Milo has been a time saver and game changer. It's better than a personal assistant. Milo takes every single school flyer, every newsletter, every appointment, every email and more and goes above and beyond to distill the information, send me reminders, schedule events to our family calendar and proactively keeps me organized."

"Part of my mental load of logistically thinking this week is about how to navigate a tricky day a week out and start being proactive now for it. Having Milo truly provides a layer of relief and my husband and I have more confidence that nothing will fall through the cracks."

Jenn R
Mama from Houston, TX

"I love the ease of use, the ability to keep to-dos at the forefront without actually having to think about them, the fact that my husband now has access to all of the family events, we feel more connected on what's going on family wise. It helps free up my time and brain."

Doreen H
Mama from Cincinnati, OH

"Milo's suggestion to break down a daunting to-do item was a huge reason we were finally able to knock it out! So obvious in hindsight, but clearly we didn't come up with it ourselves and needed that nudge. So, thank you!"

Abe S
Dad from San Antonio, TX

We make help worth paying for.

A co-pilot in running your family that saves your time and sanity, for $60/mo.

Right now only $40/mo for our beta users.

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