Milo's got it.

The world's first app built to tackle the invisible load of running and raising a family.
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Milo has your back so you can have everyone else's.

Finally. Actual help for your invisible second job. It's a unique job - if you have it, you know exactly what we're talking about. If you don't, it's really hard to explain the weight and width of this job.
Milo was built for you.
We're on a mission: to eliminate the invisible load by 1. making it visible 2. using tech to cut it away and 3. share it among more people - in your home and in the village.

✨ Productivity for the way parents get things done.

Your second brain.

Stop the hijacking of your brain and your inbox to hold that important information - from kids shoe sizes to swim registration dates to the sitter's number.

Just throw it to Milo to store, organize and share when you need it.

Milo project manages the family.

Milo rescues you from being in the middle of everything. You can collaborate and create the plan that Milo then executes. Everyone asks Milo what's for dinner or where the Zoom link is. Milo tells everyone that library books are due today and who's on pick up duty.

Connects you into the parenting hive mind.

Get things done the way parents are used to - by seeing how others have done a thing - whether it's potty training or picky eating or what's happening this weekend.

Milo harnesses the wisdom of the village so that it's at your fingertips.
β€œI can’t help but feel guilt when my mom friends who work less hours seem way more out in front of activities and holidays – but Milo makes me feel like I’m just organized and efficient!”
- Samantha M
β€œI love that Milo is reducing my mental load and all the baggage that comes with it to give me more peace of mind, free time and distribute the work more effectively.” - KT

✨ Your time is precious so we only make things worth paying for.

For our beta users it's only $15/month.

Get back 10+ hours/month for the cost of less than an hour of childcare.

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