Find calm in the beautiful chaos.

An AI co-pilot for parents, powered by GPT-4.

Text-it-and-(never) forget-it.

Send the chaos to Milo.

Drop screenshots, text endless streams of dates, send late night rambling voice memos.

Milo sorts it all out.

Milo uses AI to sort and send it to where it needs to go, with human help behind the scenes when needed.

Milo nudges when needed.

Milo sends back the info when and how you need it — SMS reminders, work cal invites, daily rundowns to the whole crew.

Try the Milo magic yourself.

AI, but make it family.

Milo is powered by GPT-4. It's the latest in large-language models, designed for accuracy and complex problem solving.

Milo learns and gets better. It anticipates what you need and how you need it, based on your feedback.

Milo calms every form of family chaos. SMS threads or emails, screenshots or whiteboard pictures, Milo digests it all and turns it into structured sanity.

Just ask Milo. Everything is organized and accessible—to partners, grandparents, caregivers... whoever needs to be in the know.

We make help worth paying for.

Milo is the collaborator who saves your time and sanity for $40/mo.